Business as usual


Just how imporant are international markets? In 2011, almost 1 out of 4 SMEs generated more than 60 % of its revenue abroad; one year later, it was 1 out of 3. The trend is on the rise.

(Not) everything is relative


Growth isn't exactly weak and the transformation to a modern industrialised society is far from complete - China remains a target market for German SMEs. In turn, Germany is becoming a premier target for Chinese capital.



In 2014, Halder largely completed building the portfolio for the Halder GIMV Germany II fund. How will it perform against its predecessor, which nearly doubled the capital paid-in by investors between 2003 and the end of 2014?

Make it better: Venture Philanthropy in Europe


Over the last decade, venture philanthropy has taken hold in Continental Europe and may be on the verge of becoming an important part of what is generally called philanthropic and socially responsible investment.

PEI’s roundtable on Germany with Hanns Ostmeier


Germany remains one of Europe’s most attractive markets among investors. While performance is consistently good for private equity, the going is not easy. Hanns Ostmeier was on the panel set up by Private Equity International magazine to discuss current developments. Issues included corporate culture of German midcap firms, valuation levels and acquisition financing.

New Investment Manager: Anja Böhme


Anja Böhme joined Halder’s investment team in July 2014. Starting in 2011 as a financial analyst at IKB Deutsche Industriebank in Frankfurt, she worked on acquisition financing for transactions from a broad range of industries.

More power from within


Between 2006 and 2012, large companies increased innovation spending by nearly 18 % to € 105 billion, while SME budgets lagged behind at about one fifth of this level, where they have stagnated in recent years.

Small is beautiful


As a specialist for small and mid-cap buy-outs, Halder saw a record deal fl ow and completed three investments in 2013, despite a sluggish market.

PEI magazine: Halder "Private Equity Firm of the Year"


Readers of the industry magazine Private Equity International have voted Halder as Germany's Private Equity Firm of the Year 2013. The award was based on Halder's exit from Alukon and its three new investments in Aqua Vital, BMB and Wback.

Germany’s FINANCE-TV talks to Hanns Ostmeier


Michael Hedtstück, chief editor of Germany’s specialty channel FINANCE-TV discusses trends in the market for SME investment with Hanns Ostmeier. Topics include: There are about 30 – 40 transactions in the SME segment per year – what does this statistic say about the real scope of investment opportunities in Germany’s middle market? (German language version only)