Make it better: Venture Philanthropy in Europe


Over the last decade, venture philanthropy has taken hold in Continental Europe and may be on the verge of becoming an important part of what is generally called philanthropic and socially responsible investment.

A businesslike way towards more strength and impact for social purpose organisations


Organisations addressing social, environmental, medical or cultural problems know and care about their mission. But oft en enough, they don’t have the infrastructure for optimum impact.

“Hidden champions” – more than a buzzword


What is a “hidden champion”? To Hermann Simon, who brought the term to Germany, these are “highly specialised small and medium-sized enterprises”.

Departure for Globalia


There are some 3,000 hidden champions around the world, a significant number of which come from Germany.

Hidden champions are no sure-fire success


To date, Halder has sounded out over 1,000 companies in search of investment opportunities, and has become involved with 36. What made these needles stand out from the haystack? Dr Wilfried Kaiser, Chairman of Halder’s Advisory Board, on investing experience in the mid-cap sector.

“Who takes the equity risk?”


Hanns Ostmeier became a shareholder, Executive Chairman and member of the Investment Committee in April 2013. Why didi he join Halder?

Human resources management as a value creation factor


Five years. This is Halder’s usual holding period for investments. During this time investor and investee work on increasing a portfolio company’s value. Strengthening the human capital base is an important element of the value chain.

Food for thought


„Better is the enemy of good“, Partners at Halder said and put a presentation on „Value added by good human resources management“ on the agenda for the annual Kronberg meeting of their investment team, advisory board and executives of portfolio companies.

Global Innovation Index 2009/10


Policies supporting innovation can help stabilize the world economy and jumpstart growth. Halder’s newsletter has discussed trends affecting German SMEs (see Innovation: Opportunity in crisis?). What is the international picture?

Innovation: Opportunity in crisis?


In the current crisis, many large companies are cutting their budgets for research and development, but SMEs are spending more. When a company has made innovation an integral part of its business model, the innovation process is not „turned off“.