Gianfranco Lotti opens „Salon Privé“ in Florence


Brand experience continues to grow

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse (BMB), maker of luxury leather goods and a Halder portfolio company since 2013, has added a new element to the client experience of its „Gianfranco Lotti“ brand: in November, the first „Salon Privé“ was opened on an extra floor above the company’s flagship store in Via Tornabuoni 9, Florence. “Salon Privé“ provides a lounge for the brand’s most important clients and will host events for an exclusive audience.

Since its relaunch in 2014, „Gianfranco Lotti“ has been working towards a position described by managing director Franco Lucá as „on the level with Chanel or Hermès” – based on its Italian provenance, top quality and exclusivity. The brand lives by these claims: the best materials, traditional Tuscan craftsmanship, contemporary design with classic touches and top quality manufacturing go into the product – backed by a life-long warranty. Exclusivity is at an extreme with „one piece only“ – guided by a designer, clients can create their own handbags and receive a truly unique bag as a result.

„Gianfranco Lotti“ has flagship stores in Florence, Milan, Paris und Chongqing (VR China). In 2016, an additional shop was opened in Seoul, initially carrying the new collection for spring/summer.