KEYMILE has new vectoring-capable VDSL2 card for MileGate platform


As of immediate effect, KEYMILE will supply a new vectoring-capable VDSL2 card for its multi-service access platform MileGate. As a result, telecommunications providers can deliver high-speed, triple-play connections for homes and reliable services for business customers.

KEYMILE is a leading technology supplier of communications solutions for access and transmission systems. It is presenting a new 48 port VDSL2 card for its multiservice access platform MileGate. With the help of the high-density VDSL2 card, network providers can supply extensive services, such as VoIP, broadband Internet, Video-on-Demand and TV over DSL (IPTV). All 48 ports on each card enable VDSL2 with automatic or manual ADSL/2/2plus fallback. Therefore, network operators can offer ADSL and VDSL2 services with just one single card. For each user interface, the ideal parameters are automatically configured when setting up the line.

The card allows flexible realisation of broadband connections out of exchanges or street cabinets: From the exchange with ADSL2plus and VDSL2 and the 8 MHz and 12 MHz profiles, as well as FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Curb) with VDSL2 and the 17 MHz profile. In addition the software allows network operators to switch the card to an FTTB (Fibre-to-the-building) mode. As a result, 24 ports are available that also support the 30 MHz profile.

Setting up FTTB/FTTH infrastructure is a costly and long-term investment for network operators. In financial terms, it is useful to take the intermediate step with an FTTC solution, just like the new VDSL2 cards enables. As a result, at a later date areas can be migrated to an optical fibre network. The first step would be to lay the optical fibre up to a street cabinet fitted with MileGate. From here the customers are supplied via the existing copper wire pairs with VDSL2 (FTTC). Therefore, the investment in laying optical fibre is modest and the network operator can also offer legacy telephony services. The second step could involve network operators using this site for FTTB/FTTH expansion. MileGate supports network operators in this migration.

The new card is also capable of vectoring. When transmitting several VDSL2 signals in one cable bundle, the impact of cross-talk between the VDSL2 signals quickly reduces the data rates significantly. Most of this cross-talk can be eliminated with vectoringfrom the access node. It is important that all VDSL2 signals within a cable bundle are subjected to the vectoring process. This is made possible by the system-level-vectoring approach – cross-card vectoring. In conjunction with a vectoring control unit, the new VDSL2 card is prepared to provide this function. Four cards are connected to one vectoring control unit.

Consequently, with one MileGate subrack up to 768 VDSL2 interfaces can be provided which are integrated into the vectoring process.


KEYMILE is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for communications solutions in access and transmission systems. The flexible and robust IP-based multi-service access platforms allow telecommunications providers to supply a variety of voice and data services via copper wire and optical fibre. Simultaneous availability of IP/Ethernet and TDM technology guarantees smooth migration to the Next Generation Network. Keymile systems are used for reliable data transmission in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by railway companies and energy suppliers, as well as in mobile and professional mobile radio networks. The company has major business bases in Germany and Switzerland, as well as subsidiaries and partners worldwide. It has installed systems in more than 100 countries. For more information visit www.keymile.com.

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