KEYMILE showcases access solution for cost-effective optical fibre connections


Hanover, January 25, 2012 – At the FTTH Conference 2012 in Munich from 14 to 16 February, KEYMILE will present its optical multi-service access platform MileGate in an extensive FTTH live showcase. KEYMILE is Gold Sponsor of the FTTH Conference, a premier European fair and congress on optical fibre technologies.

KEYMILE is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for communications solutions in access and transmission systems. At the FTTH Conference 2012 in the International Congress Center in Munich, it will present its multi-service access platform MileGate in a live showcase on stand G3. The platform has been optimised for FTTH applications. The flexible platform for broadband expansion simultaneously provides copper- and fibre-optic-based services for cost-optimised migration from FTTC to FTTH.

With innovative cards for optical fibre connections, MileGate is ideal for FTTH applications. MileGate offers 480 active Ethernet optical fibre connections per subrack at up to 1000 Mbps per subscriber from an 8 HU subrack. In addition to IPTV and Video-on-Demand offerings, network operators can supply their customers via the same optical fibre with traditional cable TV programmes thanks to optional, integrated CATV overlay.

At the FTTH Conference, KEYMILE will show the latest generation of optical cards for connecting subscribers. Via cSFPs these cards allow flexible adaption of the access node to growing numbers of subscribers. Because cSFPs are used, initial outlay for FTTH expansion remains moderate for network operators. The transmission modules are only fitted when the network operator connects up new customers. As a result, MileGate is a very good solution for connecting private households and businesses via optical fibre.

MileGate’s hybrid system architecture, with system capacity of 400 Gbps, is the basis for sustainable FTTH expansion. With its multi-service and outdoor capabilities, network operators can start with VDSL2 services in street cabinets (FTTC) and migrate this network to a FTTH network architecture at a later date. Therefore, the investment in the optical fibre can be made gradually instead of all at once. Nevertheless, end customers still have access to top bandwidths over the whole period. Another advantage is that thanks to MileGate's powerful gateway technology, POTS and ISDN can easily and cost effectively be supplied together with VDSL2 in a purely Ethernet backbone.

KEYMILE will also be represented with a presentation at the FTTH Conference. On Wednesday, 15 February at 4.30 p.m., Dr. Wolfgang Spahn, Chief Technical Officer at KEYMILE, will be talking about sustainable expansion of FTTH networks as part of the Voice-of-the-Industry series of presentations.

KEYMILE is Gold Sponsor of the FTTH Conference 2012. For more information about the event, go to: http://www.ftthcouncil.eu/ftth-conference/welcome.

Press contact: Thomas Evers, Tel. +49 511-6747-668, thomas.evers[at]keymile.com