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Halder acquires Sirag, Univer and Uniprod and integrates them with the portfolio companies Drumag and EPH in the Valeta Group
Halder has acquired a majority stake in Sirag, Univer and Uniprod in Switzerland through the portfolio companies Drumag EPH, which are connected through the Valeta Group.
Halder portfolio company Conen acquires HKS Systemtechnik
Halder-backed Conen, a provider of interiors and technical products for educational institutions, takes over HKS Systemtechnik in Borchen (Germany), a specialist in the field of projection and presentation technology.
Halder acquires Anker Kassensysteme GmbH
Halder has acquired a majority stake in Anker Kassensysteme GmbH (Bielefeld, German) as part of a management buy-out. The management team co-invests alongside with Halder in the transaction and becomes minority shareholder.
Halder acquires Suvema
Quality, reliability and increasing demand for automation and productivity characterize the Swiss manufacturing industry. Suppliers of customized CNC machine tools benefit from strong demand for individual solutions.
Halder acquires Drumag Fluidtechnik and EPH Elektronik
The suppliers of customized drive technologies are growing with both mechanical and electronic components as well as systems and are combined in a joint group. Halder has acquired a majority stake in Drumag Fluidtechnik in Bad Säckingen and EPH Elektronik in Besigheim-Ottmarsheim as part of a succession solution.
Halder acquires Conen Group
Halder has completed an MBO of Conen Group (Morbach/Germany). The investment provides a succession solution for the founder’s family which had established the company in 1965.
Aqua Vital acquires water dispenser business and patents from Oxymount Technology in Germany
Aqua Vital Group (Neuss), Germany’s leading provider of water dispensers, has acquired the point of use-dispenser (POU) business of Qxymount Technology (Coburg).
Jerko Bartolic new CEO of Booster Precision Components
Booster Precision Components GmbH has appointed Jerko Bartolic as Group CEO. His main objectives include further international growth of the business and strengthening the group’s global manufacturing network. He will join Booster on September 18th.
Aqua Vital acquires Kalimba
Aqua Vital, the leading provider of water dispensers in Germany, has acquired Kalimba NV (Lanaken/Belgium). The acquisition opens a succession path for the company’s founders, who had started the business in 1996. Focusing on bottled water coolers, they had expanded from Belgium to The Netherlands and Germany.
KLINGEL and GANTER at IDS in Cologne
It was a successful debut at the IDS in Cologne for Klingel medical metal and Josef Ganter Feinmechanik, the precision engineering companies which were exhibiting together for the first time ever and have been operating as part of the Pforzheim-based Klingel Group since 2015.
Booster Precision Components: management team completed
Booster Precision Components, parent company under which Halder’s investments in CCN and PRAE-TURBO have been combined, has completed its management team over the summer. The new managers have a long track record in large scale industry as well as SMEs and draw on broad experience from the automotive sector. The right mix for developing the potential of one of the leading specialists in precision components for exhaust turbo chargers.
Amoena Opens First Own Shop in Sweden
The Amoena Shop is located in the Norrmalm area of Stockholm at 14 Olof Palmes gate - right in a crowded shopping street.
KEYMILE boosts security in its LineRunner-IS-3400 family with new functions
KEYMILE has added new functions, such as the configuration of a new packet-filter firewall, to its LineRunner-IS-3400 and identical HYTEC-HY104 family. This helps suppliers and operators of mission-critical infrastructures to comply with new German IT security legislation.
ISO-certification for KLINGEL medical metal
Intertek Certification AB has audited Halder’s portfolio firm KLINGEL medical metal, certifying the company’s quality and process optimization. Intertek’s certification relates to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012, it is valid to 2018
Made to measure
In September 2013 Halder invested in the MBO/MBI of Bottega Manifatturiera Borse, an Italian manufacturer of luxury handbags. After the ownership and management change, Bottega relaunched its “Gianfranco Lotti” luxury brand to cover the consumer market in parallel to its B2B business. Let‘s take a closer look.
KEYMILE joins the European Rail Industry Association
Telecommunications supplier KEYMILE has joined the Union des Industries Ferroviaires Européennes (UNIFE), the Brussels-based European Rail Industry Association.
Medical Metal
„Metal precision“ as demanded by the medical technology sector is the future focus of Klingel’s business. Thomas Kroyer, the firm’s commercial director, cites three reasons for supporting the businesses new perspective by changing the company’s name and its public appearance.
KEYMILE presents new XMC20 product family for mission-critical telecommunications networks
KEYMILE is stepping up business with mission-critical telecommunications networks. The company is expanding its portfolio of solutions by launching the XMC20 product range especially for mission-critical networks.
The lords of the (compressor) wheels
Even in the global automotive industry, supplying five million units of one type of a component per year would make anyone a well-regarded player. But for PRAE-TURBO, it’s the quality that counts: As a provider of high-precision compressor wheels, the company is a “go to”-address in the industry.
Healthcare and fashion
With Halder as the majority shareholder, Amoena is looking to grow internationally and offer a broader range of sports and leisure apparel for women after surgery for breast cancer.
KEYMILE adds a purely optical fibre solution to access platform MileGate
The target groups for KEYMILE’s new MileGate Fibre Series are network operators wanting to set up innovative optical fibre networks for homes and businesses in the most flexible way.
Halder acquires PRAE-TURBO from founders
Halder is acquiring PRAE Turbo in Schwanewede near Bremen through a management buy-out. PRAE-TURBO was established in 2003 and focuses on machining compressor wheels for automotive turbochargers.
Halder acquires Amoena Group
Halder has acquired Amoena Group, Raubling/Germany, through a management buy-out. Established in 1975, the company is the global leader in breast prosthetics and complementary functional apparel for women after breast surgery.
KEYMILE creates communications network for French high-speed railway project
KEYMILE has won the order to build the mission-critical communications network for the French high-speed railway line LGV BPL from Le Mans to Rennes.
KEYMILE expands its industrial-switch portfolio for mission-critical networks
New models of KEYMILE's LineRunner IS product line offer a powerful and cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling mission-critical data networks of energy suppliers, railway, oil and gas companies.
The art of leather
Gianfranco Lotti is a successful entrepreneur. With over 100 employees, his company makes ladies' luxury handbags near Florence and has annual sales of € 35 million. When the Lotti family was left without a successor to run the firm, Halder resolved the issue by completing an MBO.
Just in time
Matthias Geißler, managing director of Wback, sees the company as a service provider: baking as a service for corporate clients – top quality delivered just in time and with maximum reliability.
Cultivating Hidden Champions
At Halder‘s Mid-cap Conference, two companies presented steps to market leadership: ADA Cosmetics (hotel amenities) and door manufacturer Prüm-Garant.
Market: New paths to investment
Halder closed three new investments, deal flow quality was good and kept the investment pace high.
Sales Success with MileGate in Germany
As part of an extensive project, telecommunications service provider htp from Hanover connected large rented housing complexes to a high-speed optical fibre network. The buildings are owned by Gundlach, a housing company and the Spar- and Bauverein cooperative.
Halder invests in Halder
Halder has become independent from Gimv via an MBO, organisation and capabilities have grown further, and new shareholder Dr Hanns Ostmeier has become Executive Chairman.
Halder acquires leather goods manufacturer Bottega Manifatturiera Borse
SME-investor Halder has completed an MBO/MBI of Bottega Manifatturiera Borse SPA, an Italian manufacturer of luxury leather goods. Headquartered in Scandicci near Florence/Tuscany, the company manufactures leather handbags and accessories for selected luxury brands and under its own „Gianfranco Lotti“ label.
Halder acquires bun producer Wback through MBO
SME-investor Halder acquires Wback Group, Bönen/Germany, a leading producer of hamburger and hot dog buns for the fast food, food retailing and food industry segments through a management buy-out. The transaction completes management and ownership succession for the firm’s founders.
Halder acquires water dispenser provider Aqua Vital
SME-investor Halder acquires Aqua Vital, Neuss/Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and distributes water dispensers to organizations providing their staff and clients with high-quality drinking water in the work place, waiting areas and canteens.
Dr. Hanns Ostmeier is new shareholder of Halder
Halder, the Frankfurt-based investor in German SMEs, adds to its partnership and management: In April 2013, Dr. Hanns Ostmeier will become a shareholder and Executive Chairman of the Group. Among others, Ostmeier had previously been Senior Managing Director in charge of German business at Blackstone Group and President of BVK, the association of private equity firms in Germany.
Halder acquires mechanical engineering specialist Helmut Klingel through MBO
SME-investor Halder acquires mechanical engineering specialist Helmut Klingel Group, Pforzheim/Germany, through a MBO. The company, founded in 1986, generated revenues of € 23 (21.2) m with a largely domestic client base and a workforce of 200 in 2011.
A microscope and a fine-tooth comb
Halder‘s portfolio saw a flurry of activity in 2011 and the first half of 2012. Four of the investments in the Halder-Gimv Germany Fund were sold: ADA and VAG in 2011, followed by GEKA and ACTech. Three new investments have been added to the Halder-Gimv Germany II Fund („HGG II“) thus far: GEALAN, CCN and the co-investment in Keymile. What are the next steps?
Uf = 0,8W/m²K
When building or renovating a house, there is a choice: window frames made from wood, metal or vinyl? Opting for vinyl pays off: a material to last for 40 years, easy to maintain and providing so much thermal insulation it qualifies for use in passive houses. GEALAN Group is one of Europe‘s leading manufacturers of vinyl window frames.
Towards a „sustainability dividend“
Cars using three litres of fuel per 100 km tend to be minimalist by necessity and were considered a quaint idea a few years back. Gone are those days: fuel consumption standards and pollution control are growing ever stricter. This provides growth opportunities for CCN, a company acquired by Halder in a 2011 management buy-out.
KEYMILE – opening doors for communications
In November 2011, Riverside and Halder acquired the Hanover-based IT firm Keymile in a management buy-out. The communications expert specialises in access and transmission systems, connecting end users to data networks. With an excellent market position it more than holds its own against global competitors in growth markets for broadband networks.
Portfolio: Halder-GIMV Germany II: two new portfolio companies
At the end of 2010, the purchase agreement for the Fund‘s initial investment was signed for window systems manufacturer Gealan. In 2011, a majority stake in CCN, a French turbo charging specialist, and a co-investment in KEYMILE, an IT and communications technology specialist, were also added to the Fund.
Lessons learned
It took 23 months, one million miles of airline travel and three closings during 2002/03 to raise € 155 million for Halder-GIMV Germany, the first Halder fund to focus exclusively on buy-outs of German SMEs. The next fund, Halder-GIMV Germany II, achieved its target volume of € 325 million at first closing in 2008, only three months after fund raising had started.
Operational experience complements financial expertise
What is it that many private equity investors are lacking that makes it possible to successfully steer a portfolio of SMEs through a fund‘s life cycle? Most investment managers have a background in finance, an analytical mind and a strategic focus. While they get to know their portfolio firms quite well during the holding period, they are not industry executives with decades‘ experience in managing a company.
Not your everyday market player
It all began with a management buy-out: In 1988, René Smits and Paul Deiters acquired the European risk capital activities of Oranje-Nassau Group, naming the new firm ater the Dutch village where their plans for the future were first laid: Halder. The company‘s Belgian team started in 1989, and in the spring of 1991, Paul De Ridder, Joachim Kramer and Susanne Quint formed a team in Frankfurt.
The Riverside Company Acquires KEYMILE along with Co-Investor Halder
Technologically leading supplier of telecommunications services partners for further Internationalisation and Product Expansion.
Halder acquires majority stake in CCN through MBO
CCN Group, Thyez/France, a leading manufacturer of high precision components used in turbochargers for automotive engines has been acquired by Halder through an MBO.
Halder exits ADA Cosmetics International
Halder, the Frankfurt-based investor in buy-outs of German SMEs, has sold its majority stake in ADA Cosmetics International, Kehl, the leading provider of hotel cosmetics in Europe, to a fund advised by Carlyle Group.
Gealan: Fresh Funds for the Economic Recovery
Halder has acquired Gealan Group through an MBO. Gealan is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl window profiles in Europe with revenues of 220 m € in 2010.
MBO of VAG-Armaturen
Halder has acquired VAG-Armaturen GmbH, Mannheim through a Management Buy-out from Equita Beteiligungen Fonds 2 KG, Bad Homburg.
Alukon continues to grow with Halder
After successful business development in 2007, Alukon, the supplier of roller shutters and roller doors, is continuing to plan for dynamic development of its business in 2007 with its new finance partner Halder.
MBO of ACTech
Halder has acquired ACTech GmbH, Freiberg/Saxony – together with the management – through a Management Buy-out from private investors.
Halder has acquired GEKA BRUSH GmbH, Bechhofen, Germany - together with the management – through a Management Buy-out from Equita Management GmbH.
MBO of ADA-Group
Halder has acquired ADA-Group, Kehl - together with the management - through a Management Buy- out from the founder family Dahlmeyer.
MBO of BHS Getriebe GmbH
Halder has acquired BHS Getriebe GmbH, Sonthofen through a secondary buy-out from EquiVest, Munich.
MBO of GARANT Türen- und Zargen Produktions- und Handels GmbH & Co. KG
Halder has acquired GARANT Türen- und Zargen Produktions- und Handels GmbH & Co. KG, Ichtershausen, from Doorwin B.V., Eindhoven, on April 29, 2005.
New fund has raised € 155 m for MBOs
Investment strategy targets German Mittelstand. Halder continues its German investment strategy focused on management buy-outs of SMEs.
MBO of PRÜM-Türenwerk GmbH
Halder acquired PRÜM-Türenwerk GmbH, Weinsheim, Germany from Hochtief AG on 24 August 2004.
Halder in GEALAN management buy-out
Halder, part of Belgian GIMV Group, and the management of GEALAN have acquired the Bavarian company, GEALAN Fenster-Systeme, Oberkotzau near Hof, in a management buy-out.